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V i r t u a l  R e a l i t y  /  A u g m e n t e d  R e a l i t y

Augmented Reality_HoloMinds Together

HoloMinds Demo, Long Beach M.I.N.D. Lab, California State University Long Beach, CA, USA, 2018 

HoloMinds Demo, Open House, WEC Stadium, New Jersey Institute Technology, NJ, USA, 2019

Design and Play with a Friend in Collaborative Augmented Reality

Long Beach M.I.N.D. Lab present a demonstration of collaborative augmented reality. Two participants can enter the collaborative augmented reality environment to create a 3D painting with a friend, tour and rotate strange designs, while accompanied by HOLLY a 6 ft virtual “robot” assistant.  Spectators “outside” will also be able to enter the virtual environment via Skype telepresence “window”.

3D Hand Painting

Two Participants can enter the collaborative augmented reality environment to create a 3D painting with a friend.​

Holly Mind

A Virtual "Robot" Assistant 

HoloMinds Interactive Painting Demo

Two-colors Interaction Painting 

Augmented Reality_Scientific Data Visualization

Art & Science Exhibition, Barbara & Leonard Littman Library, Hillier College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute Technology, NJ, USA, 2019

The AR-Vis Interactive project will demonstrate a new perspective on Design-science collaboration. An Augmented Reality (AR)-based platform will be presented for the visualization of scientific data, specifically magnetic fields around the observer. Through collaboration between interactive media artists and scientists, the new visualization platform provides more interactive and visible user experience in understanding the abstract ideas or less visible phenomena in the physical sciences. In this presentation, the ubiquitous and yet invisible force of nature, magnetic fields, is visualized in AR with scientific data being externally provided in real-time, allowing users to “see” such unseen fields in an interactive way as they move around the field and distort through their actions.


Augmented Reality_Chemistry Education

M.I.N.D. Lab & Chemistry Departement; Dr. Edgardo Farinas, New Jersey Institute Technology, NJ, USA, 2019-2020

In the simulation, individual molecules can be tested for possible docking and coupling. The augmented reality simulation will also be able to scale the molecules to reveal the structure of larger lattices of molecules and possible interactions valuable for enzyme synthesis.
This interactive visualization is designed as a scientific tool and a training system to be used by teams in the lab or the field(outdoors) to support bioremediation and chemical engineering. 

HMD Chem_Moment.jpg

Augmented Reality_Artists Emerge from their Paintings: Museum AR Experiences of Art and Artifacts

M.I.N.D. Lab; Dr. Kum-Biocca, a team of student artists and programmers including Brandon Kong (Digital Design, NJIT), June Enriquez (Digital Design, NJIT), and Abhijit Sprijanth (Programmer, SketchUp Trimble/ Associate Researcher, M.I.N.D. Lab). 2020

Artists Emerge from their Paintings is an augmented reality application where a museum visitor viewing a painting can have a direct interactive experience with the artist, the world of the painting, and the artwork’s context. Users wearing a Hololens head-mounted display suddenly experience a whole 3D scene when the hardware and application detects a VanGogh painting hanging on the wall.  Upon approaching the painting, the users encounter a lifesize VanGogh who speaks about his art using the actual words of Van Gogh. The 3D scene around the user includes the lifesize reproductions of the furniture in the last room in the asylum before the end of his life by suicide.

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