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Digital Design

The Artist understood your expression: Viewer Aware Sculpture 2021

Robot Design Virtual Exhibit, 2021, Invited by Barbara & Leonard Littman Library, Hiller College of Architecture & Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Hyejin Hannah Kum-Biocca & NJIT M.I.N.D. Lab team: Brandon Kong (3D Model), John Jannone (3D animation & Interaction Design), Rohit Pratap Goswami (Programming)

This interactive virtual sculpture project is about communicating between artist and audience. The virtual sculpture is aware of the viewer; it catches your facial expression and tries to understand your emotional feeling.

In a traditional museum, there is no interaction between an audience and a sculpture with the exception of kinetic sculptures. But in this virtual interaction environment, the sculpture shows awareness of your presence, follows your face, eye contact, and follows your expression. Hopefully, this beginning of interaction sculpture will be helpful for an ambitious interaction project in the physical environment.















Interaction video Mapping & Motion Graphic: A.I.: Artificial Interruption. Art Gallery_ACM Siggraph Asia 2020

The 13th ACM Siggraph Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques in Asia (SIGGRAPH Asia 2020), Daegu, Korea/Virtual, USA, 2018 / Art exhibition, Art center NABI, Seoul, Korea. 

Hyejin Hannah Kum-Biocca & Jinhong Kwon (director of visual effects at Art Vision, Korean Broadcasting System/Associate researcher, M.I.N.D. Lab)

In Artificial Interruption, the cube, a digital abstraction interrupts the natural order. The seasons fold like boxes; we see time crystalize. AI slides open a door and leaks into a tightly networked sea of ice. Underneath the last mammal escapes and swims away with our past, coded in her genes.




Interaction video Mapping & Motion Graphic_Mapping MINDs

California State University Long Beach, CA, USA, 2018 

New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA, 2019 

A large composite 3D faces-of-the-world, AR Projection mapped will “supervise” the spectators and participants.

Interaction video Mapping & Motion Graphic

Invited by Syracuse University, NY, USA, 2013 

Interaction Video Mapping & Motion Graphic

Promotion Video Mapping exhibition,

invited by Korea Telecom cooperation Headquarter, Seoul, 2013

Promotion Video Mapping & Motion Graphic

Exhibition, Director, invited by Korea Telecom cooperation Headquarter, 2014

MAEWOLDANG MEMORIAL Hall, Media Exhibition & Motion Graphic

Director, Korea, 2005-2006  

Promotion Image design, Project Manager, @Channel4U Corporation, Media Production, Seoul, 2009~2014

Client: KOTRA (KOREA TRADE-INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY), CJ Media, YTN, MBC, EBS, JBC, Seoul Design Foundation, KT, Samsung 


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