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U s a b i l i t y  T e s t 

Go PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Global Official Application
UI/UX Design Usability Research 


  • Assessment of global usability of the Research Map/GPS/Transportation components of "Go PyeongChang (English Version)"  

  • Reseach for the development of the future project.



Research questions.

The study collects qualitative and quantitative data to answer several research questions, including:

Task completion - How well does the software support our customers’ ability to accomplish key goals and tasks?

Navigation and information architecture – How does the software structure support customers’ ability to accomplish their tasks? Can they navigate to where they want to go and accomplish their tasks quickly and efficiently? What pathways do they take?

Content and terminology – Do our customers understand the content and do it help them accomplish their tasks?

Layout and visual design – What are our customers’ impression of the visual design? 

Communication and software impressions - What are our customers’ overall impressions of the software? Does it adequately communicate what users can/are required to do with the software?



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