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F I N E  A R T

More than 20 Group and Solo exhibitions in London, Australia, Korea, Japan and New York. The work is about Identity of social body and nature body. Used various methods of expression in own work.

For example, performance, drawing, installation, sculpture and Video art.


There is but not…

Beads, Iron. 1100x800 mm. Korea, 2013 

Form and Content

Language is a form which contains content.


Work 1 ‘There is but not…’


II y a un h muet dans hier et aujourd’hui.

There is a mute h in yesterday and today.

어제와 오늘에는 소리없는 h가 있다.


                             text by Sean Hong, 2013

Extension of Phenomenon Performance

One channel Video Work,  1’ 16”, Sound. London, 2000 

Phenomenon and Presence


Work2, ‘Extension of phenomenon performance.’


Like an artist who tries to imprint the phenomenon that she is in presence through emphasis by normal repetition herself.


Video installation, 2 of one channel Video Work, 15’ 10”, Sound. London, 2000 

Vertical and Horizontal


Work3,  “i-Deal”


Like artists work on a canvas horizontally, the image of performance is horizontally displayed.

The images that can be horizontally are shown in front of viewers’ faces.

Two other images which are horizontally placed are compared at the same time:

One image is a body of human nature and the other is a mass-media body which was made by a society. They have difference in content but unfamiliarity coming from

seeing from different directions.

The Indifference of Everyday life

One channel Video Work, 3’ 07”, Sound. Korea, 2010                                              

+ and -


Work 4


The object and its setting, the balance between primary and secondary, enables us to find the context of understanding. The two artworks are a series of ‘context distortion’ with objects and unfamiliar settings: bring an object in a different setting, bring outdoor background into indoor space. These attempts were made to find various examples of proper context in a game of solving mazes with misaligned context.

The space of tomb

Installation, grass inside art space. Korea, 2013

One of Pleasure

Installation, Ritex, Lights. Australia, 1998

I am still breathing, now.

Installation, Silicon nose Inside fish tank, Oxygen. Australia, 1998

The Fixed Idea

Installation, Jars, water, B/W Pictures, Glass Shelf, Lights. Australia, 1998


Installation, Iron, (h)2m 70. Australia, 1998

The Symbol

Installation, Bronze sculpture hand on the ceiling, Shadow, Slide Film, Lights. Australia, 1998


Drawing, Pencil, Gold Leaf. Korea, 2014

Encoding 2

Installation, Media house. Korea, 2013

Encoding 1

Installation, Video art. Korea, 2013

Robot Performance at a Museum

NAO Robot. Korea, 2013

Orange Elephant Art Studio

Painting. Korea, 2005~2014

P h o t o g r a p h y


iPhone. 2448x3264 mm. Tokyo, Aug.2013. 

Dream on I…

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm. Syracuse, Aug.2014. 

Dream on II…

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm. Syracuse, Aug.2014. 

Dream on III…

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm.

Syracuse, Aug.2014. 


iPhone. 2448x3264 mm.

Syracuse, Feb.2015. 

Skaneateles lake

_Two People

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm.

Syracuse, Feb.2015. 

Billy Joel 2015

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm.

Syracuse, Mar. 2015. 

Special Moment 2015

iPhone. 2448x3264 mm.

Syracuse, Apr. 2015. 

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