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My teaching experience is broad and multi-level from extensive tutoring and individual mentoring to teaching undergraduate and graduate classes for more than 15 years at the Design department and Communication department. For example, Exhibition media Design, Basic Graphic Design, Typography, basic Drawing, Media space design, interaction design, UI/UX Design, and so on. I have been the teacher with the highest evaluation in my department. I have won awards as a result of my teaching. I have been fortunate that many of my trained students have graduated to a variety of design and art positions in advanced academia and industry. Some of the former students are leading designers at international companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SketchUp Trimble, Director of visual effects at Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), UX designers at Korea Telecom, AR/VR 3D designer at graphic designers in media startups and design researchers in the academic research lab. Other students have gone on to advanced placement in leading design schools such as Master students at the University of Southern California, New York University, Saint Martine school of art London, Glasgow School of Art Scotland, among others.


Teaching Awards & Evaluations

  • Highest Professor Evaluation: KAYWON SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN 

  • Annual Student Evaluations: Consistently evaluated as a top teacher regularly exceeding department and college means on all scales at California State University. 


Graduate Classes

UI/UX design 

Interaction Design

Data & Tech Human Interaction Design


Progress Practical Technique

Human-Computer Interaction

Metaphor & Symbol

Studio based research


Other Seminars

Interaction Design Process

Design Art education program Space Design (workshop)

Design Thinking-Interaction Design Workshop

Woman in 



Undergraduate Classes

Designing User Experience Design

Data & Tech Human Interaction Design

Digital Design Studio_ Interaction Design 

UX/UI Design

Interaction Media Design

Exhibition media Design

Introduction to Video Art

Multimedia Design

Introduction of Portfolio

Interactive Design

Display media Design

Information communication Design

Fundamentals Design

Basic Graphic Design 

Basic Drawing

Kinetic Art Media Space Design

Introduction to Photography

Color workshop

AV Media

Motion Graphic

Collage & Montage

Interactive interface design

Introduction to Design

Video mapping 

Media Art

Installation artwork


Student Work Media Space Design, Final Studio work

Korea Telecom exhibition 2015

Student Work DD 364 Digital Design Studio, Interaction Design,
Video Mapping, Touch board sensor, Touch Drum, By Sophia Chen, ACM Siggraph student Exhibition 2019


Student Work Digital Design Studio, Interaction Design, Arduino/LCD light, By Nile Dwyer, 2019

 Student Work  Interactive Media Installation, Kinetic sensor, Exhibition Media Design, 

User Journey.png
Experience Map.png
Interactive prototype

 Student Work (John, Jose, Nisha, Radia) AD 490 UI/UX Design 

 Student Work Digital Design Studio, Interaction Design, Arduino/LCD light, By Nisha Mistry, 2020


Student Work DD 364 Digital Design Studio, Interaction Design, Video Mapping,

By Emma Collins and Kaylin Wittmeter, ACM Siggraph student Exhibition 2020

Children Fine Art Education_ Work by Kevin Chang

Student Work DD 275 History of Games, Game environment design, Unity, By Spencer Korman 2020

Student Work DD 364 Digital Design Studio, Motion Graphic By Brandon Kong 2020

Student Work DD 364 Digital Design Studio, Motion Graphic By Anisah Khandakar 2020

Student Work DD 275 History of Games, Game intro. By Nile Dwyer 2020

Student Work UX Research, Collaboration with HP Inc. . By Team Flounder, 2019

nelsonmonica_3844_2272205_Flowchart and Wireframes_Monica Nelson_Page_18.jpg
nelsonmonica_3844_2272205_Flowchart and Wireframes_Monica Nelson_Page_25.jpg

Student Work  DD 640 UI/UX Design, Master program, By Monica Nelson, 2021

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