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A u g m e n t e d  R e a l i t y  I n t e r a c t i v e  V i s u a l i z a t i o n s

Touching the Magnetic around us_Augmented Reality Tool for Experience the Earth's Magnetic Field.

We have built an augmented reality prototype that uses real‐time electromagnetic data for visualizing
and experiencing the earth’s magnetic fields. The prototype interface integrates a set of electromagnetic sensors, a 360 degree, force‐grid visualization, and several Microsoft Hololens displays to enable scientists and students to experience the earth’s magnetic fields. In the near space visualization, instrumented users walk through an oscillating, grid‐visualization of the magnetic fields which bends around the user’s moving body distorted by magnetic forces in the room. But beyond personal space at the planetary scale, the earth’s magnetic field is warped by solar flares and activity. Therefore, in our companion “far space” visualization we will use data from Big Bear Solar observatory to visualize the shape of the earth’s magnetic fields, and the dynamic tug and distortions cause solar activity. These two interface helps augment scientific discovery and analysis by physicists, students, and the education of the general public.

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